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Beijing Air Force 2nd Division project
Cooling & heating area: 500m2
Collector area: 135m2
Hubei Food and Drug Safety Evaluation Center project
Collector area: 180m2
Cooling Area: 500m2
Absorption heat pump: 2 pc
Vicot Canteen
Hot water: 10 Ton
Collector area: 45m2
Vicot 4th workshop
Collector area:1680m2;
Heating area:3500m2
Cooling area:1500m2
Taiyuan PAP Corps project
Collector area: 360m2
Cooling Area: 1800m2
Heating Area: 3600m2
Absorption heat pump: 5pc
Suizhou Power supply company project
Collector area:75m2
Cooling Area: 300m2
Absorption heat pump: 1pc
Solar energy demonstration base
Collector area:300m2,
Heating & cooling area:3500m2
Tianjin Water Authorities project
Collector area: 600m2
Absorption heat pumps: 3pc
Accumulator: 1pc
Tianjin Lingang Development Zone Project
Collector Area:90m2;
Heating Area: 1200m2
Taiyuan Normal College project
Hot Water: 110 ton;
Collector Area: 450m2
South City Hospital
Russian TVER Rubplastic Manufacturer
Lima Business Building in Peru
Paraguay Supermarket
Greenhouses in 10 cities supported by
Korean Government
PT Dalzon Chemicals Indonesia
Shahtaj Textile Pakistan- water cooled water
Ukraine-- Air cooled water chiller
Sunday Supermarket Mongolian- Air cooled
water chiller and AHU

Vicot Air Conditioning Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of central air conditioning in China. Our primary products including condensing units, ducted split units, rooftop units, air cooled water chillers, water cooled water chillers, ground source heat pumps, water loop heat pumps, air handing units and fan coils, etc. The utilization of the imported key components and advanced technology from Italy and America has made our products highly reliable and durable. Meanwhile, our air conditioning products have a competitive price, and consequently, they are well received by customers in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, Oceania.
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Main Products
  • Water Loop Heat Pump
  • Water Loop Heat Pump The water loop heat pump units are new models developed by Vicot, characterized by high efficiency and non-pollution. Cooling and heating can be selected by purpose ...
  • Air Cooled Water Chiller The VM (Vicot Modular Unit) and VFS (Vicot Mini) air cooled water chiller and heat pump unit is a new generation of modular unit developed by Vicot. ....
  • Air Handling Unit VAH Series The air handling unit can be matched with a single fan, double fans or three fans. Users can choose models by required airflow and external static pressure. ....
  • Fan Coil Unit Vicot Fan Coil Units - Includes cabinet, horizontal, suspended, concealed, super thin and IAQ units, etc., which can be chosen by the customer according to room structure.....