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Our factory is located in Dezhou Economic Development Zone. The industrial park spans 150,000 square meters, of which 80,000 are occupied by office and production facilities. The factory is outfitted with 14 electrical A/C production lines, 7 gas-fired absorption A/C production lines, 6 vacuum tube production lines, and over 20 solar collector production lines and equipment sets.

Rooftop Packaged Unit

Rooftop packaged unit assembly line. Capacity range falls between 10 and 105KW.

Air Cooled Water Chiller

Assembly line for air cooled screw chiller, modular scroll air cooled water chiller, and mini packaged air cooled water chiller. Capacity range falls between 20 and 860KW.

Fan Coil Unit

Assembly line for fan coil units including European style fan coil unit, ceiling concealed fan coil unit, freon fan coil unit, and air handler.

(Modular) Water Cooled Water Chiller and Heat Pump

Air Handling Unit

Assembly line for air handling unit including the VAQ and VAH series.

Painting Line

Leakage Test for Heat Exchanger

National Level Test Centre

Main Products
  • Water Loop Heat Pump
  • Water Loop Heat Pump The water loop heat pump units are new models developed by Vicot, characterized by high efficiency and non-pollution. Cooling and heating can be selected by purpose ...
  • Air Cooled Water Chiller The VM (Vicot Modular Unit) and VFS (Vicot Mini) air cooled water chiller and heat pump unit is a new generation of modular unit developed by Vicot. This unit is ....
  • Air Handling Unit VAH Series The air handling unit can be matched with a single fan, double fans or three fans. Users can choose models by required airflow and external static pressure. ....
  • Fan Coil Unit Vicot Fan Coil Units - Includes cabinet, horizontal, suspended, concealed, super thin and IAQ units, etc., which can be chosen by the customer according to room structure.....