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1. What are your major products?
Our primary products include condensing units, ducted split units, rooftop units, air cooled water chillers, water cooled water chillers, ground source heat pumps, water loop heat pumps, air handing units and fan coils, etc.

2. Can you tell us the places that your products are usually used in?
Our products are widely applied to air conditioning systems in villa, hotels, restaurants, commercial centers and industrial fields.

3. What technological advantages do your air conditioning products have?
Our air cooled water chillers can smoothly operate in T3 tropical area; our modular water source heat pumps feature quality, reliability and energy saving; our terminal equipment can be customized according to customers' requirements.

4. How do you control the cost in the production of air conditioning products?
Our company is located in Dezhou, Shandong, there are many central air conditioning manufacturers. Our proximity to this market enables us to find all the raw materials we need within a 50km radius, which helps us to acquire and transport our raw materials at lower costs, thus greatly reducing our production costs. Through our mass production of air conditioning equipment, coupled with highly automated assembly lines, we've increased our production efficiency, and reduced labor costs.

5. How do you control the quality of your air conditioning products?
Vicot Air Conditioning Co., Ltd has been awarded the ISO9001 certificate, Safety Production License, etc. To ensure the quality of our products, we have implemented a series of measures, including utilizing advanced production and detecting technologies from USA and Italy, strictly inspecting the received parts, and conducting quality inspections during each production process.

6. Are your air conditioning products made in accordance with related environmental standards?
Our air conditioning products are strictly produced according to the ISO14001:2004 standards.

7. Do air conditioning products have any common problems? If have, how do you solve them?
Similar products often have some problems connected with electrical stability and anti-jamming capacity. Vicot products use specially developed anti-jamming control cabinet, which ensures the smooth running of our products.

8. Which countries or regions are your air conditioning products exported to?
Asia: Japan, Korea, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait, Turkey, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Europe: Germany, France, Spain, Russian, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
North America: the United States, Canada
Latin America: Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay
Africa: Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria

9. How about your delivery time?
20-25 days for DX units
25-30 days for water chilled fan coils
35-45 days for chillers and air handling units
20-45 days for different products
For special orders, delivery time is to be confirmed.

10. What after-sales services do you provide?
We provide 18 months warranty for units and 3 years warranty for compressors.

11. Do your air conditioning products have any certificate?
Due to their quality and reliability, our products have been awarded the CCC; CE; KEMCO; KRAIA certificate.

Main Products
  • Water Loop Heat Pump
  • Water Loop Heat Pump The water loop heat pump units are new models developed by Vicot, characterized by high efficiency and non-pollution. Cooling and heating can be selected by purpose ...
  • Air Cooled Water Chiller The VM (Vicot Modular Unit) and VFS (Vicot Mini) air cooled water chiller and heat pump unit is a new generation of modular unit developed by Vicot....
  • Air Handling Unit VAH Series The air handling unit can be matched with a single fan, double fans or three fans. Users can choose models by required airflow and external static pressure. ....
  • Fan Coil Unit Vicot Fan Coil Units - Includes cabinet, horizontal, suspended, concealed, super thin and IAQ units, etc., which can be chosen by the customer according to room structure......